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Traits of a QUEEN 1. Loving 2. Kindness 3. Compassonate 4. Courage 5. Confident 6. Deliberate 7. Intelligence 8. Humble 9. Honest 10. Loyal

Traits of a KING 1. Understanding 2. Purpose & Drive 3. Gratitude 4. Protector 5. Observant Listener 6. Intelliegence 7. Confident 8. Strong Values & Beliefs 9. Responsible

Tell me who you're loyal to. Does it start with your family & friends & does it end with your woman or your man?

Can You Be True to YOURSELF?


I care not if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be TRUE TO YOURSELF

If you can bear the accusation of betrayal & not betray your own soul.


Are you willing to break free from what society has conditioned you to be; to follow your heart & become who you are meant to be....... A LOVE making machine.


Life could be so simple, but b/c so many of us live from our minds & not our hearts, we have conditioned ourselves to believe this mirage that Life is soo complicated; that our purpose & reason for existing is so complex & illusive. Love is the key.


Think about it........ When you're truly in love & intuned with yourself, you make yourself a priority &  you want more of what makes you happy. So why not apply this same LOVE for self across all areas of your life. They say if you LOVE what you do its not work. 


Can you break away from the limiting beliefs that stunt your growth into enlightenment. Can you you LOVE yourself enough to focus on your dreams, your goals, your aspirations dispite the negative vibrations around you understanding that this is not selfish this is SELFULL.

Get yourself together FIRST,

Lay your foundation on solid ground, build up your sturdy walls & fill up your storehouse.

If others come to aid you let them, teach them as you go so when they leave they can apply the same method for themselves, learn from them & award them for their knowledge & aid but continue to fill your storehouse first & once you've filled to capacity & begin to run over take all that extra & give back to any & everyone that can use.